Outlining the "what, how & why" when building your brand

Decoding the "What, How & Why" for your business & brand

A good brand is authentic and knows how to connect with their audience (also known as your potential clients) on a positive emotional level. When creating your brand you should consider 3 main basics, the why, the how & the what of your brand. 

The What:

Simply put, this is the product or service that your business will be offering to potential customers. When outlining your product/service offerings you should always consider what makes you different from other businesses as well as how is your product/service providing a solution to your customer’s needs.


The How: 
Now that you have established what services or product you will be offering your clients, it’s time to move into how you will do it. Here you will outline your business’s strengths, values and gain insight on your industry, current and upcoming trends as well as considering what others in your line of business are offering. This helps you brainstorm new and fresh ideas giving your business a unique package offering to customers, keeps you focused on your strengths whilst working on any areas that may not be your strong point.


The Why: 

A business without a why is like a leader without a purpose. Far too often, businesses communicate their purpose to their customers and employees first talking about their what, touching on their how, and usually ignoring their why, which in the process, leaves everyone feeling totally uninspired. Today, consumers and customers are looking to connect with companies that are giving back. Sure everyone wants great products or services but they also have a deep desire for social change.

To fully understand our Why we need to dig deep and get to the root of why we started our businesses. Ask yourself:

Step 1: Write down three to five core values of your business. ( What does your company care about the most and what is non-negotiable)

Step 2: Review companies you admire and how you could emulate (not imitate) these values into your own business.

Step 3: A little on the tougher side, ask yourself if your company went out of business, what would you want it to be known for? What legacy would you’d like the company to leave?

Step 4: Ask yourself “What are the goals of your business that matter most?” These goals naturally emerge from what you value the most.

Step 5: Assemble these valued goals into an overall business purpose. Ask yourself, “Does this purpose transcend revenue?” Make sure the suit fits, remember your purpose can be aspirational but it must be authentic.

  • Step 6: Make sure everyone in the organization understands the purpose and follows these same values and goals, otherwise cut your losses with those who don’t. 

Questions to consider when creating the above steps: 

  • Why do you fight every day to be successful?
  • What it is that drives you?
  • What are your business belief’s, purpose or cause? 
  • What is your business mission statement?

Examples of a business why’s could be: to reduce carbon footprint by going green, unlocking creativity in customers and employees, changing peoples lives by financial aid or physical contribution etc.

Once all the answers to the above questions, push yourself on them questioning and probing them, most importantly you should be 100% sure that you believe it, because this will be with you in your business for many years to come.


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